KİTVAK’s guest-house fees are based on the minimum prices set by the Governorship. ‘Reserved Room’ is a major project carried out by the Board of KİTVAK for those who want to accompany their patients but cannot afford the fee during the long-lasting and suffering process of this malignant disease… A fund is raised little by little in a bank account opened for this project in order to eliminate such an accommodation problem. We always need your donations no matter how much, just a small amount from a student or a great amount from institutions. The applications made with a petition signed and approved by a doctor explaining the conditions are evaluated by the Foundation to support those in need.



Halk Bankası İzmir – Konak Branch
Account No: 16000083
Iban: TR86 0001 2009 7340 0016 0000 83

İş Bankası İzmir – Alsancak Branch
Account No: 1167111
Iban: TR26 0006 4000 0013 4011 1671 11

Our Foundation is exempt from tax as per the decision no 2000-1862 dated 16.11.2000 of the Council of Ministers. Donation is free of bank charge.

Please contact us for information about our services, projects, hanging room, donations and more.

What Is (Kit)?

Bone marrow-stem cell transplantation is a process to replace the stem cells providing all the blood cells in the bone morrow with the healthy cells of another person. In this process, it is aimed to provide full recovery by…

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  • +90 (232) 463 37 63
  • +90 (232) 463 37 63

KİTVAK (the Foundation for Establishing and Developing Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Hospital) established ‘KİTVAK HEART AMBASSADOR OF YEAR’ Award Program to give importance and support social responsibility in our society, to carry out works and offer services to have people get better health and aid service, to encourage people accordingly and bring the concept of welfare in Turkish society.

Notes from Patients and Patient’s Relatives

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